Starting at $198 per treatment


These are general guidelines. The final price will be determined by the Certified Laser Technician.

These prices are PER SESSION. Remember, tattoos take multiple sessions to fully remove.




Tattoos are priced according to size, color variations, and overall design of each individual tattoo. We utilize the latest in laser technology to ensure you get real results, in real time.  Please use the images on this page to calculate as rough estimate, not the final cost.

Keep in mind that the tattoo removal process does not work overnight and you will most likely require multiple treatment sessions.

There is really no way to tell how many sessions you'll need. However, we are confident that we can remove your unwanted tattoos in fewer treatment sessions with great, fast results.



Things to remember about your tattoo removal process:

  • Individual results will vary. Your body is as unique as your tattoo.

  • How it was applied, the technique the artist used matters. Generally, homemade tattoos may take longer to remove due to the inconsistent disbursement of ink, whereas professional machines leave the ink in a consistent layer.

  • Usually, tattoos that are older are faster to remove.

  • The average tattoo can take anywhere from 5-10 treatment sessions to completely remove.   

  • Some clients choose to simply lighten existing tattoos to make cover-ups easier and look better.



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How do you determine the price?

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