If you're consideriing removing more then 1 tattoo, ask about our multiple tattoo discount! Prices will be determined by a specialist at your free consultation!

Multiple Tattoo Discounts

Referral Program

MKE TATTOO REMOVAL CLIENTS: We've recently partnered with Moving Shadow Ink for some sweet referal deals. Get a $100 gift card, valid for tattoo's or piercings, from Moving Shadow Ink, OR remove the remainder of your tattoo for FREE when you refer 5 friends! 

Military Recruit Discount

Interested in protecting and serving our country but you don't comply with the military enlistment tattoo policy? We can help you! At a discounted rate we'll remove what you need to so you can get on your way to protecting our freedom! We appreciate you! 

Unsure if you comply?                     to review the military's new protocal regarding tattoos of enlisted men and women. 

Any tattoo shops, artists, or other small buisness owners interested in promoting deals for your clients call (414)550-9331