The Process



Call to make an appointment for a free consultation. At this appointment, the Certified Laser Technician will assess your tattoo and give you an estimate on how many treatments and how much each treatment will cost you. We require pre-payment for the first session at this time as well, should you choose to make an appointment.



 At the first appointment the Certified Laser Technician will explain the procedure to you before beginning. A photograph of your tattoo will be taken pre and post-procedure. The skin will be iced and prepped with alcohol prior to the start of the procedure. You may also choose to ask your doctor for a topical lidocaine to apply to the skin to decrease pain during the procedure. After the procedure, A & D oitment will be applied and the tattoo will be covered with gauze. You will also be provided with an aftercare sheet.

The Certified Laser Technician will go over your results from the previous session and answer any questions you might have.  Then your tattoo will be photographed yet again, and the procedure will be performed. After the procedure another photograph will be taken.